How does Guru work?

Guru is an app that instantly connects users that have questions with people that know the answers. A user will open the app and select the category and subcategory that best fits their topic. They will then have the opportunity to type a question and the option to attach a photo or document to their question. Once they submit their question, Gurus that participate in the subcategory of the user’s question will be notified. If they know the answer, they offer to answer that particular question. The user will be able to see these offers as they come in and select the Guru that they feel most confident can answer their question in the shortest time possible.



Wouldn’t people just use Google or YouTube to get their question answered?

Hours can sometimes be spent watching YouTube videos trying to find the answer about your particular sprinkler head. Time lost searching through sarcastic posts on forums about your specific make and model of car could be better spent actually fixing your car and getting back to family or fun. Guru was created to help people get their question answered faster than searching through other online methods. Our users also enjoy the human element of connecting with someone that wants to help others.



How much do users pay to use the app?

The app is free. The cost of a session for a user will depend on how long the question takes to answer, but most sessions will cost $1-$5. The user will be able to stop the session at any time. Gurus will be incentivized to answer the question as quickly as possible so that they will get a good review from the user, and a tip when they’re super efficient for the user.



How much can Gurus make?

Gurus will be able to choose to make $1, $2, or $3 for each minute while they are in a session, but efficient Gurus will see a majority of their income come from tips.