Instantly connects users with questions to users with answers


Everyone is a Guru

Now get paid for it

What is a Guru and How Do We Define It?

Gurus will sign up by selecting the categories for which they would like to take questions. Once the app launches:

  1. The user’s questions will go out via a notification to all Gurus in that category.

  2. Gurus can then instantly bid to answer the question, or ignore it if they can’t help.

  3. The user then selects a Guru based on reviews.

  4. The user instantly gets the help that is needed.


Be your own boss.

Gurus choose when and
where they work. 


Save people hours spent reading through forums.
Give them the help they need. Now.

Forums are long and sometimes it can take weeks to get an answer back.
With Guru you can instantly help people so they can get on with their lives.

Live video chat.


How-to videos are slow.
Guru is instant.  

Don’t waste time watching hours of how-to videos searching for your specific answer.
Get on Guru and ask a real person in real time what you need to know.


Review and tip Gurus.

The better the reviews,
the better the tips.